Monday, October 27, 2008

Can it happen? Can our dreams come true?

Could we see a team make a reverse run of the table in the NFL? Ever since there have been 16 games, this hasn't happened. And we've been hoping. We've been praying.

Can we see a team go 0-16?

We've seen plenty of teams with a win. We've seen plenty of teams with two wins. But it hasn't happened since 1976 that for which we have not seen a team go 0 for the season. And you know what? It's going to happen this year.

But it won't be Cincinnati. Not to say that the Bengals aren't a bad team, but that being said? They have a home game versus Kansas City. If they don't beat Cleveland the week before? They can beat Kansas City. It's an unlucky break when you've got a team that can go 1-15 and not get a shot at the top pick, but Detroit's got that certain je nais se quoi this year.

A. They made Kyle Orton Look Great

And if that happens, you can eliminate a shot versus Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Carolina, Chicago, Green Bay and New Orelans.

B. They made Michael Turner look like Jesus.

So, double strikes versus Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Carolina and Chicago. And you can add Minnesota and Tennessee to that list.

C. Dan Orlovsky is a bad quarterback.

Seriously. They could grab Aaron Brooks from two years of exile and have better luck with this league. So you've got a good defense like Tennessee, Tampa, or Minnesota (rulings permitting), and you're in trouble.

So, this is why the Lions will fail. Epic fail.

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