Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Ned Coletti...

It is time for you to allow Takashi Saito to go home. He has served his nation and your team well. But his is cash that can be used better elsewhere.

Why? Well, for one thing? Jonathan Broxton is exactly the sort of Matt Stairsian measty folk hero that you want on your squad. And if you are going to have them be a star? Have them as a closer.

But why would you not ask Takashi Saito back as a middle reliever? One. Because of his arm issues. Two? Because of Hong Chih-Kuo.

Really. Every so often, there's a middle reliever who gets out on a run of three or four years when their shit is untouchable. And this season? Kuo was dominant. Look at his stats. You know he's good.

But was he lucky? No. A lucky year would have been something along the level of Joe Nathan stats. And he may fall back on the awesome just a tad.

But that being said? For the next four years? He's the Taiwanese Cla Meredith. Bring it on.

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